Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'm back.


After a while, I'm finally made a decision to write here again, sharing stories about my life, family, friends and maybe my personal thoughts on certain things in random. I installed the app named Blogger few months ago, but too busy (or lazy) to explore. It is really easy to use and I'm happy that now I don't have to update my blog using my laptop anymore because some efforts needed where that is what I'm lacking for. Haha.

I do not know if there's anyone is interested to read my blog, obviously all my previous post were not interesting that's why I've deleted it all. But I can't deny that writing has been my passion and perhaps it will always be. Besides, considering that this is the only medium that I believe can help me to improve my skills in writing. I do write a diary, but that's too personal and I'm not really bother if the language that I used is appropriate or wether it is grammatically correct, but here I need to ensure it is-- First, because other people will read it. Second, because I am a TESL graduate. Third, because I am soon to be a teacher. So, if I WANT TO write, I HAVE TO write it right. Simple!

Well, that should be enough as the introductory, I guess. Going to post more from time to time. Insyaallah. Till then, bye!